Wednesday, November 9, 2011

weekend at camp

this past weekend i was able to go up to camp and work in cool beans (the coffee shop)! it was a lot of fun, and it was nice to just get away from school, from the homework, from the business of college life, and go spend the weekend in the mountains. i also got to work with one of my best friends which was so much fun! it was my first time working in the coffee shop and i was excited but also very nervous! in fact, the first drink i went to hand out, i dumped all over the counter! so embarrassing! i eventually got the hang of making drinks...kinda. :) it was still a lot of fun! i also got to see a lot of people i worked with this past summer, and it was a lot of fun! i got up to camp on friday night, then came back down to school on sunday night. sunday afternoon, after all the campers were gone, i got to go 4 wheeling with some friends and it was awesome! it was a great weekend!

here are a few pictures from my iphone (i know, i'm bad...i didn't take many pictures on my camera...i will try to take more pictures here at school!)

me and my friend Bea with our dessert the first night

 my best friend Abby playing her violin...she's incredible at it!!!

 awesome piano/violin book that we played out of a lot this weekend

 getting ready to work!

 i loved the fall weather :)

 fun time...always a highlight at camp!

 ya...i wore flip flops :)

 it got reeeeeally cold there!!!

i absolutely loved the colors of the leaves...reminded me of home!

happy wednesday :)

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