Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday. Thankful for Valentines :)

Hello there internet world! I am sorry I have been neglecting my blog recently. Life has gotten even more crazy with starting an online class for college. But it is Thankful Thursday, and I refuse to miss this Thursday like I did last week (sorry about that...) soooo, today I am thankful for....valentines!!! Now, I do not have a "special someone" that I spent my valentines day with, but I do have my amazing family that I spent it with! I woke up early to work out, and after I was done my workout, and getting ready, there were presents waiting for me at my place at the table! :) 2 sweet cards from my parents, valentines stickers, and CHOCOLATE!!!!!! I love chocolate. It's amazing! So, yes, today I am thankful for valentines. Valentines should also make us think of the amazing love the Jesus has towards us!!!

yes, i am sorry, but i had to settle for a photobooth picture of me with my chocolate :)

Happy Thursday Everyone!!!! 
What are you thankful for?!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

meet my friend taylor.

Oh wow, do I ever love my friends. I mean seriously, life would not be complete without friends. I have friends that live near me. I have friends that don't live near me. I have friends that I go to school with now. And I have friends that I am planning on going to college with in the fall. I have old friends. And I have new friends. Friends mean the world to me. I am so thankful that Jesus is the greatest friend I could ever have. My friends are incredible, they pick me up when I am down, they encourage me when I feel like I can't go on. Friends are seriously the greatest.

Meet one of my best friends, Taylor.

Taylor is one of my best friends in New Hampshire. She is always there for me, always ready to listen, always ready to tell me what I need to hear. 

She is such an incredible person. Unfortunately, Taylor is going to college in Wisconsin, and I'm going to college in South Carolina. Whoever invited Skype...THANK YOU!!!

I had the privilege of taking Taylor's senior pictures and it was so much fun!!! She is always willing to hear about when I get excited about something new that happened in photography, or if I got a lot of comments on my blog she's always excited for me. She's awesome!

I am so thankful that God has given me a friend like Taylor. She is so encouraging. She has gotten me through some hard times in my life always bringing me back to God.

You're the best Taylor!!!!!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Thankful Thursday. Thankful for Camp.

I know, I know...I'm doing Thankful Thursday on Friday. Anyways, as they say, better late than never! :) This week, I am thankful for camp. I love camp, I always have! For me, camp is The Wilds in Brevard, NC. {they also have a camp in NH} My family and I started going to The Wilds the summer I before I went into fifth grade. And as soon as I was there, I loved it! Everything about camp, the atmosphere, the experience, the teaching, getting closer to God, it's all amazing!!! Last summer I had the amazing privilege of doing CIT, {camper-in-training program, that is 2 weeks long} then I was able to work there for the next 3 weeks. I wouldn't have traded it for anything! It was totally and completely incredible! And, I have the awesome privilege of working there this upcoming summer for the whole summer! I am soooo excited!!!! :D I am definitely thankful for the impact camp has had on my life, and if you've ever been to any camp, you know about the friendships you build at camp. Sometimes, for some people, camp friendships don't last for a while, but I have had many friendships that I still have from camp, which is awesome! There are so many reasons why I am thankful for camp! :)

{so my blog won't let me upload pictures so click here to check out the picture that was supposed to be here, but instead is on my facebook page} :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Apologies. Blog not liking me right now :/

So, I have been trying to get some posts up here, and for some reason it is not letting me upload any pictures. {just a slight problem for a photography blog :P} So, as soon as I figure out what's going on, there will be more blog posts! So for now, head on over to my photography page on facebook and follow me on twitter.

~Happy Tuesday!!!