Wednesday, April 27, 2011

i love surprises

so ya i think that surprises are awesome! i love throwing surprise parties for people, i love being surprised, it's all great! ok, now i'm gonna get to the point of why i'm talking about surprises. last night, i was upstairs in my bedroom skyping with one of my really good friends, when my mom came in all excited telling me about seats in fenway park. she then proceeded to go down to her room and i called her back because i was very confused about what was going on.

now, first you have to realize that everyone in my family is a huge (and when i say huge, i mean huge) boston fans! my parents surprised me last year for my birthday and bought tickets to the red sox game ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!! (told you i love surprises) i love the red sox and i always wanted to go to a game. so on top of going to the red sox game on my birthday, i made it on tv!!! and i was with my best friend!!! (who was up from north carolina) long story short, i had a sign that said "it's my 17th birthday hit a home run big papi" (for those of you who don't know who don't know who "big papi" is...that's david ortiz) and he hit a home run right after i held up my sign! :D so needless to say, i love the red sox :)

so back to my story! i knew that my parents were looking for tickets to go to a red sox game at fenway before i leave for camp, so i figured that they just found some tickets that were really nice. my mom came back into my room and told me that they were about to buy tickets for monday night's game!!! i was in shock!!!! i was soooo excited!!!!!

so, monday night i'll be headed down to boston to watch the red sox play against the los angeles angels! i am one happy girl :)

here's my best friend and me at the game in september :)

 me after the game with the sign that made me semi-famous (jerry remmy talked about me...ahhh so cool!)

 and here's kind of an idea of the view from our seats...i did not take this picture, thank you google images (click here for the website i got this picture from)

and i will be wearing my brand new #2 jersey!!!! jacoby ellsbury is the best!

 gotta love photobooth ;)

have a great wednesday!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011


i've learned from many photographers through their blogs and such that you can never stop learning. this is true in every aspect of life. at first in photography, it seems so overwhelming! like unbelievably overwhelming! but i have learned that you need to practice practice practice!!! i get so inspired from reading so many blogs like katelyn'sjasmine'sjamie's, tiffany's, and many many others! and they all say the same thing...practice!!! i am so thankful for my little sister, her friends, and my friends who are all so willing to be my little models. :) this whole learning experience is incredible. i am learning so much and it's amazing, exciting, thrilling, and scary all at the same time! i am so thankful that God has given me the talent and ability to be in photography and i give Him all the credit. i know i am not anywhere near perfection yet, but i'm going to give it the best that i have. i am so thankful for encouragement from other photographers, and the example they set for me. it's a crazy journey but i'm gonna keep going! thank you so much for all of you who take time to read my blog! it's really encouraging when i hear about someone reading my blog, see comments that people are leaving, and just the total encouragement that you all give me! you're the best! thanks for coming along with me on this crazy journey! i hope that i never think that i am done learning.

i needed to put a picture in this post because i just thought it wouldn't look right. ;) so here is my new favorite kind of lemonade!!! i got this at boloco (most amazing burrito place!!! if you have never been there before...GO!) and it's a new take on soda! it is super good!!!

happy monday everyone!

Sunday, April 24, 2011


happy easter everyone!!! i really do love easter. i love celebrating our Savior rising from the dead. it's amazing! we just got home from our church's sunrise service on the statehouse lawn. one of my good friends sang a solo called King of Humility and it sounded amazing! we sang, our assistant pastor read one of the account's of Jesus's resurrection, pastor gave a challenge, it was awesome! the sun was hidden behind the heavy fog but the sun is now starting to break through the clouds. i just truly love this holiday, and i just overwhelms me to think about what happened on that first easter. this morning my church is singing a powerful song called He is Risen, and it is amazing to say the least!!! it will give you chills, make you cry, and just make you totally thankful for what He did on that first easter! ah, it's just so amazing!!!! i hope everyone has an amazing easter and take time to remember what this holiday is really about.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

i am back!

i am back from the beautiful south!!! i absolutely looooved being in the south! i am a true southern girl at heart and it was so nice to be back down there! :) i went down for an AACS nationals competition. it was so much fun and on top of being in the south, competing in the nationals competition, i got to see sooo many of my camp friends!!!!!!! i had so much fun catching up with everyone, reliving memories from last summer, and looking forward to another great summer! :) i also go to go up to camp for a day and see my best friend (i hadn't seen her since september!!!), pick up my sister from her friend's house, and see more friends!!! it was an amazing trip! even though the ride seemed like it was never ending down to south carolina and back, it was so much fun!!! i am just going to leave you with this for now, as i will be doing another blog post later on about the whole trip.

and i will be continuing with my goals (now that i'm back home) of trying to blog at least 3 times a week. here we go! ;)

our van before we left last sunday! it was so much fun to spend the trip with girls from my class, and grow closer to them! plus, i think we could write a BOOK of all the quotes we had from this trip. ;)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

happy birthday hannah!

happy 13th birthday to my little model, my fashionista, my girl who can always make me smile and laugh. happy 13th birthday to my little sister Hannah!!! i love you Hannah! i'm gonna miss you next year!

ps-you're gonna have to find a new photographer now ;)

(these photos with the snow were not taken recently, but we do still have some snow in our yard :P )

Sunday, April 3, 2011

april goals.

so recently i've been inspired by Katelyn and Jamie to blog my goals for each month. (if you have not checked out their blogs you must, they are both INCREDIBLE!!! go to katelyn's here and jamie's here) so i decided to help me stay on task with my list of "to-do's" for each month, i decided to blog some of them! i've been meaning to do this but well, i procrastinated so I AM DOING THIS NOW!!! so here we go!!!

april business goals:
*blog 3 or more times a week
*finish website
*finish AnnaGrace's birthday pictures
*buy new lens {this is a huge MAYBE...just really hopping it happens soon} :)

april personal goals:
*finish audition/recital piano pieces
*finish reading "crazy love" by francis chan
*write a packing list for camp
*write a packing list for college
*buy a new luggage set
*finish camp assignments
*start working on graduation party

i hope everyone has a wonderful sunday!

Friday, April 1, 2011

sneak peak. happy birthday AnnaGrace!

here's a little sneak peak of AnnaGrace's first birthday party from today.

off to go babysit now. happy friday!!!