Sunday, April 3, 2011

april goals.

so recently i've been inspired by Katelyn and Jamie to blog my goals for each month. (if you have not checked out their blogs you must, they are both INCREDIBLE!!! go to katelyn's here and jamie's here) so i decided to help me stay on task with my list of "to-do's" for each month, i decided to blog some of them! i've been meaning to do this but well, i procrastinated so I AM DOING THIS NOW!!! so here we go!!!

april business goals:
*blog 3 or more times a week
*finish website
*finish AnnaGrace's birthday pictures
*buy new lens {this is a huge MAYBE...just really hopping it happens soon} :)

april personal goals:
*finish audition/recital piano pieces
*finish reading "crazy love" by francis chan
*write a packing list for camp
*write a packing list for college
*buy a new luggage set
*finish camp assignments
*start working on graduation party

i hope everyone has a wonderful sunday!

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  1. I love this piano picture! playing the piano is so soothing to me

    I love goals! I would also recommend posting these goals where you can see them- a bathroom mirror.. a nightstand.. above a desk.. so you can be reminded! :)


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