Sunday, April 24, 2011


happy easter everyone!!! i really do love easter. i love celebrating our Savior rising from the dead. it's amazing! we just got home from our church's sunrise service on the statehouse lawn. one of my good friends sang a solo called King of Humility and it sounded amazing! we sang, our assistant pastor read one of the account's of Jesus's resurrection, pastor gave a challenge, it was awesome! the sun was hidden behind the heavy fog but the sun is now starting to break through the clouds. i just truly love this holiday, and i just overwhelms me to think about what happened on that first easter. this morning my church is singing a powerful song called He is Risen, and it is amazing to say the least!!! it will give you chills, make you cry, and just make you totally thankful for what He did on that first easter! ah, it's just so amazing!!!! i hope everyone has an amazing easter and take time to remember what this holiday is really about.

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