Saturday, April 16, 2011

i am back!

i am back from the beautiful south!!! i absolutely looooved being in the south! i am a true southern girl at heart and it was so nice to be back down there! :) i went down for an AACS nationals competition. it was so much fun and on top of being in the south, competing in the nationals competition, i got to see sooo many of my camp friends!!!!!!! i had so much fun catching up with everyone, reliving memories from last summer, and looking forward to another great summer! :) i also go to go up to camp for a day and see my best friend (i hadn't seen her since september!!!), pick up my sister from her friend's house, and see more friends!!! it was an amazing trip! even though the ride seemed like it was never ending down to south carolina and back, it was so much fun!!! i am just going to leave you with this for now, as i will be doing another blog post later on about the whole trip.

and i will be continuing with my goals (now that i'm back home) of trying to blog at least 3 times a week. here we go! ;)

our van before we left last sunday! it was so much fun to spend the trip with girls from my class, and grow closer to them! plus, i think we could write a BOOK of all the quotes we had from this trip. ;)

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