Wednesday, April 27, 2011

i love surprises

so ya i think that surprises are awesome! i love throwing surprise parties for people, i love being surprised, it's all great! ok, now i'm gonna get to the point of why i'm talking about surprises. last night, i was upstairs in my bedroom skyping with one of my really good friends, when my mom came in all excited telling me about seats in fenway park. she then proceeded to go down to her room and i called her back because i was very confused about what was going on.

now, first you have to realize that everyone in my family is a huge (and when i say huge, i mean huge) boston fans! my parents surprised me last year for my birthday and bought tickets to the red sox game ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!! (told you i love surprises) i love the red sox and i always wanted to go to a game. so on top of going to the red sox game on my birthday, i made it on tv!!! and i was with my best friend!!! (who was up from north carolina) long story short, i had a sign that said "it's my 17th birthday hit a home run big papi" (for those of you who don't know who don't know who "big papi" is...that's david ortiz) and he hit a home run right after i held up my sign! :D so needless to say, i love the red sox :)

so back to my story! i knew that my parents were looking for tickets to go to a red sox game at fenway before i leave for camp, so i figured that they just found some tickets that were really nice. my mom came back into my room and told me that they were about to buy tickets for monday night's game!!! i was in shock!!!! i was soooo excited!!!!!

so, monday night i'll be headed down to boston to watch the red sox play against the los angeles angels! i am one happy girl :)

here's my best friend and me at the game in september :)

 me after the game with the sign that made me semi-famous (jerry remmy talked about me...ahhh so cool!)

 and here's kind of an idea of the view from our seats...i did not take this picture, thank you google images (click here for the website i got this picture from)

and i will be wearing my brand new #2 jersey!!!! jacoby ellsbury is the best!

 gotta love photobooth ;)

have a great wednesday!!!

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