Monday, December 26, 2011


ok, i am finally sitting down and writing a {whole} blog post. i've got josh groban playing and i am determined to write this and post it today! so as you can guess i am now home for christmas break! i've been home for over 10 days now, and it is soooo nice to be back!!! finals week was killer and i'm so glad that i am DONE with them...until the end of next semester that is. :) i had a fabulous Christmas with my family, and today has just been a lazy day which has been soooo nice!!! tonight we're going to a hockey game which will be a lot of fun! it has also been so nice to see all my high school friends again. some people have told me that i will always keep my college friends but my high school friends won't always last, which may be true in some cases but man did i miss my girls!!! yes, i love my college friends but i have a special place in my heart for my girls from my class. so for now, i just have instagram pictures to share with you but i promise that i will be taking many pictures and sharing them with you!

i hope everyone had a great christmas, and that we remember the reason for the season. it's not all about presents and all the commercialization of the holiday, it's about Jesus being born into this world to save us! my pastor pointed out that Jesus came down to earth and got a body just to save us from our sins. that is incredible! 

so here are a few pics from my break so far :)

top of the parking garage at the charlotte airport

i was flying with my good friend brooke, and we had a while to just sit in the airport, so we got frozen yogurt while we waited for our plane!

 it was soooo good!!! all airports should be required to have a frozen yogurt place :)

 i love airports

 it's the little things like being able to go to my own starbucks near my house :)

 i am sooo beyond excited to be able to go to boston again!

 love it here!

 cold morning

 i got reading glasses

 mom and i went down to boston one day to walk around, go shopping, and meet up with dad for lunch. we decided to go into the garden to see if the celtics had a practice going on (they didn't but it was still fun to go in) and i saw this sign and it made me pretty happy :)

 walking around boston...happiness :)

 love my starbucks

 my little sister and i made christmas cookies :)

happy monday :)

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