Thursday, May 22, 2014


Hey all! For all my East Coast readers, this is going up rather late for you all. But I am currently in California so it's only about 8pm here. :P I am out here for the weekend, because I am second shooting for my friend Niki this weekend! I flew out of Boston at 5:40am this morning, met up with Niki in Dallas, and then we flew together to California! The wedding is on Saturday and I am flying back home on Sunday.

For our first dinner in Cali, we went to Cafeteria 15L and it was delicious! This was my dinner and it was so good!

I haven't even been in California for 24 hours and I already LOVE it!!! Plus, working outside with palm trees blowing in the wind is a definite plus. ;)

I hope y'all have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

PS- If you want to follow along on our adventures on instagram search for the hashtag #lizandnikitakecali

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