Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I Want One....

A truck. Not just any truck. I want a black, Ford F-150, extended cab...ooooh ya baby that's what I'm talking about!!!! So...ya it's not a girl's typical dream car, but ya know...I just love it! So, when I was taking one of my best friend's {Taylor...who you will meet sometime in the future :)} we went to a lake to take some pictures and you'll never guess what was there....ok, so maybe you did guess it....but it was a BLACK FORD F-150!!!! It wasn't an extended cab, but ya know I would be just fine w/o that, I just think they look better with the extended cab :) Anyways, I couldn't resist but have Taylor take a few pictures of me with it...:) Well, I hope you all are enjoying this holiday season!!! Happy Thanksgiving {tomorow}!!!!

grrr....picture's blury...oh well, you get the point :D


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