Monday, January 16, 2012

dave and janelle. winter shoot.

dave and janelle are good friends of mine, and before i finished up my first semester at college, janelle asked me if i would be interested in doing a photo shoot with them while i was home. of course i said yes, and i was so excited about it! we were finally able to meet up the last saturday i was home and it was the perfect cloudy day. thanks dave and janelle for an awesome photo shoot!!!

and now enjoy my first session of 2012 :) 

warning: there is a lot of's just so hard to choose!!!

 they could seriously be models.

 janelle, you are gorgeous!

 i just love this! i was so excited when janelle told me she wanted to use this blanket for the shoot!


  1. I love the third one and the blanket ones!!!

  2. Beautiful pictures! Janelle is GORGEOUS!!! :)

  3. Wow these pictures are beautiful! You did an awesome job.

    I agree, Dave and Janelle could be models :) You must have had
    a lot of fun! I think my favorites are #14 and #22.



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