Thursday, April 19, 2012

just a little update.

just wanted to give everyone a little update on my health. i went to the doctors on monday to get allergy testing done. i found out that i have seasonal allergies (which could i ever tell that i have sinuses are going nuts this spring!) and i found out that i am slightly allergic to beef. which doesn't really come as a surprise because my dad is very allergic to beef. my beef allergy is very slight (on a scale of 1-4 it was only a 1) and i find it kind of funny that i had steak 2 days before my testing and the steak never bothered me. but my allergist wants me to go get more blood work done. i was thinking that i possibly have a milk allergy because every time i eat pizza from our favorite pizza place, i feel really sick. but the test came back negative for milk. so, right now i have to go in for blood work, and then i have to go in to see the GI doctor in june. we're going to see if they want to test for anything that my GI doctor in south carolina didn't test for.

to say the least, this is all very frustrating. but i know through all of this God is doing this for a reason. i may not know what it is right now, but this is all part of his plan for my life. such a comfort!

well anyways, i hope everyone has a fabulous thursday!

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