Saturday, October 23, 2010

big ships, chinese food, izze's, and skyscrapers

that's right. we went to Boston for a field trip :D i loooove Boston. so we went to the Old North Church and then we headed over to Mike's Pastires {which was amazing as always} and then walked into Quincy Market to eat lunch. me and my friend Emily got chinese food and i got an izze :) then a guy from our church {he had his family also live right down from the road from my family} came down to visit us, b/c he works at Hill Holliday right by Quincy Market. well, his visit down to Quincy Market turned into me, my mom, and 4 other girls took a trip to his office! it was incredible! the Hill Holliday office was absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! it was so amazingly cool and modern :D we then went to meet up with the rest of the group at the USS Constitution {which we never ended up going on...but hey that's cool} so pretty much it was an amazing day :) enjoy the pictures :)

ya, you gotta love leap frog :P
happy saturday!!! :D

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