Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Caleb & Grace :: Proposal

Being in the wedding photography business, I love reading other photographers blogs, following them on Facebook, etc. and I've seen some photographers shoot engagements before and to me that just looked like it would be so much fun! I wanted to shoot a proposal! Little did I know I would be able to do that sooner than I thought.

Earlier in the semester, one of my friends approached me with the opportunity to shoot a proposal! One of her friend's boyfriends had contacted her asking if she knew any photographers that would be willing to capture him proposing to his girlfriend. So my friend sent him my email and he sent me the information and I was just so excited! It was going to be the day after finals were done and it was going to be at a beautiful location in South Carolina!

So Friday, December 20 came and I woke up early and headed up to Caesar's Head State Park. Shortly after I got up there, the sun went behind the clouds and it was cold. I hid behind a huge rock in the middle of some trees while I waited for Caleb & Grace to arrive. I was starting to get nervous. I had never shot a proposal before. Once they arrived, I started secretly taking pictures. And before I knew it, Caleb was down on one knee asking Grace to marry him! I started rapid shooting trying to get every moment. It was such a sweet moment (and Grace said yes ;) ).

Caleb and Grace, I'm so thankful I got to capture this special moment for you! Congratulations!!! :)

 I love Grace's face in this one! :)

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