Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wednesday Randomness

Hey y'all! I was doing so well with my blogging last week...and then I went home. I had a great weekend at home, but I kinda slacked off on the blogging. But I am back at school and we now only have 8 days left of classes (including today...AHHHH) and then finals and in 16 days I am going to be on summer vacation!!! So I will try to keep up with blogging, but I will warn you that life is crazy right now. But I don't want to neglect my little corner of the internet. :)

So here are just a few random things to brighten your Wednesday!

Resse's peanut butter eggs are ah-mazing.

Whenever I'm home and cooking, I usually end up having to climb on something because I can't reach everything in the cabinets....

 This is how I feel at this point in the semester.

 In honor of finals coming up ;)

Ok, this video cracks me up!!! Guys from the Navy baseball team do frozen...

(I apologize for any video adds that pop up after this just never know with YouTube)

(all pictures are from pinterest: 1234)

Happy Wednesday!

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