Wednesday, March 9, 2011

can't wait.

i can't wait for it. i can't wait to be on the plane heading south. i can't wait for the 4 hour drive from charlotte. i can't wait for the first time we drive through the gate and i squeal from excitement just thinking about everything that's coming up. i can't wait to see all the people. i can't wait to reconnect with old friends and make new ones. i can't wait to learn. i can't wait to share what i've learned. i can't wait for that first monday, when the excitement will be so great, from the staff and the campers. i can't wait to see the excitement on the campers faces and how the excitement will grow from monday to friday. i can't wait to watch the campers grow in the Lord. i can't wait to pray for them. i can't wait to spend time at the lake. i can't wait to go out to the waterfalls and gaze in amazement at how great our God is. i can't wait til the friday night excitement, when you can't hear yourself think while every single camper and counselor in the dinning hall is cheering their heads off for their amazing teams. i can't wait for the fireside services. i can't wait til the weekends to hang out with friends and make memories. i can't wait to grow closer to God. i can't wait for camp.


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