Saturday, March 5, 2011

quick hello.

i just wanted to say a quick hello to all my blog readers out there. hello. :) i can't believe that vacation is almost over. i mean, really , this is crazy! at least i was able to end it well. if you follow me on facebook and twitter you'll know that i have been down in massachusetts these past 2 days. my dad just recently retired and he has a new job down in boston (!!!) so on friday we went down to visit him, see his office, meet his boss, go out to lunch, and go shopping! we then went to my grandmother's house down in plymouth, mass, went shopping (again), and then went to my aunt's 50th birthday party tonight (i will give a more in-depth blog post later, but i am too tired too right now :P) i hope everyone had a fabulous saturday and i will leave you with a picture of my wonderful canoli that i got fromMike's Pastry :D

happy saturday!

ps-i don't know why all of a sudden the writing on my blog is so small... i will get that fixed asap!


  1. oooh yumyum!! :) xoxo You're so cute:)

  2. it was delicious!!! :) now you just need to come up to have one for yourself :) awww thanks :) xoxo


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