Tuesday, March 15, 2011

competition and coke bottles.

it's that time of year again! spring is coming, the pianos are constantly being played, speeches can be heard from all areas of the school building, art is being brought in, music is being memorized...it's competition is coming! thursday! needless to say, i'm nervous beyond belief! this year they switched up the photography categories to still life, people and animals, and landscape and architecture. i choose to be in still life and i had this idea in my head that i really wanted to do. and this is how it came out :)

i wanted it to look like the progress of someone drinking coke. so after trial and errors we did water with brown food coloring into diet coke bottles at different heights and froze it. we then pealed off the the bottles. that was the very condensed version of the process :) and the last straw...my mom held it on the top, and when i counted to 3, she let go of it.

so there's my picture. i really like how it came out! i will find out on thursday how i did!

happy tuesday!

{please do not copy this picture or take credit for it...if you would like to share it...please contact me first at elizabethcharlenephotography@gmail.com. thank you}


  1. Oh my goodness! This is so absolutely creative. I just love it! i hope you win your competition! EXCELLENT job!

  2. Thank you so much!!!! I ended up getting second place in states and regionals!!! :)


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