Thursday, March 24, 2011

thankful thursday. thankful for boston :)

well hello blog! i'm sorry i have been neglecting you recently. i've been meaning to write...really i have! well today i decided to do thankful thursday before, well the middle of the night! i usually have a ton of homework on thursdays and i play volleyball with friends at night so thankful thursday has been neglected recently :/ well today and i bringing it back! and today i am thankful for boston! if you know me you know i absolutely LOVE boston! any chance i can get to be there, i take it up! recently, my dad retired and he got a job in boston! ya i was pretty much bouncing off the walls when i found out. i love going down to boston but we never did it that much. so now that my dad is working down there, we end up down there a lot ;) and that makes me one very happy girl. :) so, our most recent trip down was last friday. i had the brilliant idea of meeting dad down in boston for dinner, so we ended up driving down and having dinner in faneuil hall, and walked around, and went shopping! boston is amazing. the food, the shopping, the sports (yes i am a die hard boston fan...except for college, then i'm a UNC [university of north carolina] fan), everything about the city! if you have never been there before, i highly recommend going! :)

here are a few photos from our last trip down *warning: there's a lot* :)

i got a new pair of aviators before we went down there. happiness :)

our trusty new GPS

we got stuck in traffic...

and if you follow me on twitter and facebook you will know that i got a HUGE frappachino at starbucks in boston. it was delicious. :)

the next photo was my dad's idea! 

yup and there's my wonderful drink from starbucks :)

it was such a beautiful night!

hello there :)

happy thursday!

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