Wednesday, March 2, 2011

back on the blog. update on my life.

well hello there blogging world! i am sorry that i have been neglecting the blog recently. i am now taking a college course along with all my high school classes and everything else that goes on in my life! :) thankfully right now i am on february break! (even though it's march...) i love vacations. they give you time to just relax. which is definitely what i needed! God gives little blessings just when we need them! it's wonderful how God shows Himself through everything.

so for an update on my life! well, a lot of change has been happening at my house. (which is good) my dad retired from the fire service (yayyyy) and he is now working down in boston!!! it was sad to think that he wasn't going to be a firefighter just for the fact that he's been doing that since before my parents were married. i've always loved going to the fire station and visiting him, and going in the fire trucks (don't's a lot of if they would just let me drive one...) and just for the fact of saying my dad's a firefighter. (it just sounds cool to me :P) i'm so proud of him though, and he loves his new job which is awesome and i love his new job!

recently God has really been teaching me about trust. i've had a hard time with this. i am the type of person who likes to have everything in control and when i say everything i mean EVERYTHING! i love to plan things out, have a schedule, etc. but God has really been teaching me that i don't know what's best for my life, HE does. i don't know what's coming up in the future for my life. HE does! He's been teaching me that i just need to totally and completely trust in Him! while i was down working at camp this past summer, our boss for the waitresses had us write a "note" to ourselves about decisions we had made and about things we had learned while at camp. she then told us that she would be sending them to us later on in the year, to see if we had kept up with the decisions we had made. well, mine came in the mail the other day. and what's at the top of the list??? trust God for everything. yup, there's that whole trust thing again. it's just a comfort to know that He does know what's best for me, and He will give it to me. another thing that i had written down was nothing is too big for God. wow. what a powerful statement. i remember the morning at camp when the preacher was talking about that. he said something like think of what you think of is the biggest trial in your life...ok, now think of something something bigger...what you just thought of, is not too big for God. because NOTHING is too big for God. i don't know about you, but that is SUCH a comforting thought to me. i can trust in HIM for anything because nothing is to big for God. wow.

well, i am going to be trying to blog more. and i am hoping to blog more about what God is teaching me. i love being able to share with others what He is teaching me.

happy wednesday!

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