Tuesday, February 28, 2012

messy rooms. and the calm before the storm.

i can't promise this is gonna be a long post. i have a very messy room staring me in the face. begging me to finish unpacking and then eventually finish decorating. i decided that i wanted to re-do my bedroom last spring, so my mom painted the colors that i requested, but we never got around to finish the whole decorating part. you see i had this silly little thing called graduation coming up (and before that all the fun stuff that goes on at the end of your senior year) and then i went to camp, then i was home for a week then went to myrtle beach, then boom i was at college. so now that i'm home for a while, i will have time to finish re-decorating!

it's a beautiful, sunny day outside. today is probably the last day we're going to have a sunny day until sunday. well, at least that's what my iphone says. we're supposed to get snow tomorrow afternoon through thursday. i definitely miss my southern weather. oh well! such is life in the north.

and i put this picture up because i could go for a starbucks drink right now.

happy tuesday!!!

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