Friday, February 24, 2012

randomness. because it's friday.

hey there, everyone! i hope everyone is having a fabulous friday! i'm slowly adjusting back to life at home. it is much different than life at school. but so far i'm loving it. :) even though i am greatly missing my friends...but that is what skype is for! don't get me wrong, i absolutely LOVE being home!!! it's really nice!!! now to just finish unpacking....


i decided to just do a random post today! i wanted to just talk about random things that i've been liking recently! so here it goes!!! :)

1. the sing-off. now, i know that the show is not going on right now, but i love listening to the music from past seasons. if you don't know what the sing-off is, it's an all-voices competition. no instruments allowed. i think it is a GREAT idea!!! it brings a whole new level to acapella singing. well, i didn't get to watch this past season while it was live, but the great thing about technology is that you can watch shows, on your computer, after they air on tv! and one of my favorite groups this season was called the yellowjackets. they are incredible! here's their first song. i think it's pretty legit! ;)

(and remember...this is all just their voices, no instruments)

2. pinterest. i absolutely LOVE pinterest!!! katelyn wrote an awesome post about pinterest (which you can read here) and i definitely recommend heading over there and checking out her post about it. pinterest is a virtual pin board where you can pin anything you would like! i absolutely LOVE it!!!

3. mail and iced coffee. you may be wondering why i have classified these 2 in the same category. well, my dad called me earlier and suggested that i take my sister (which i love being home with her and the rest of the family!!!) and the dog to dunkin donuts before the roads got bad with this storm we're supposed to get. (no we did not give roxy anything from there, but she did get to ride in the car with us ;) ) so the 3 of us drove do the dukin donuts down the road, and i got an iced coffee and hannah got a donut! then, when we came back i had a letter in the mail from one of my good friends out in ohio! there's just something about getting a letter in the mail. 

4. our puppy, roxy. you probably think i'm crazy for calling a 90 pound dog a puppy, but she's not even 1 yet!!! she is such a cutie and i absolutely LOVE her!!!! my family got her last summer while i was working at camp. she's a swiss mountain dog, and very lovable! :)

being home now, i've decided i want to start some series on the blog! leave a comment and tell me what YOU would like to see on here!!! i want your input!!! so, please let me know your ideas!!! :)

happy friday!!!

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