Friday, February 17, 2012

not easy.

this blog post is not easy to write. these past few days have not been easy. i went to the doctors the other day and found out that they everything from all the tests came back normal. they can't find anything wrong, that is causing my symptoms. they gave me some medicine that is helping with my nausea which is nice! and they also gave me some medicine for stomach pain. the other day my adviser asked me to come meet him. i went over there before my first class and he told me that i needed to make a decision about the rest of the semester. either stay and try to fight through whatever is going on and finish out the semester, or go home and rest and work with my doctors back home. i needed to make the decision by 5pm friday night. i had no idea what to do. i called my parents and talked with them and got advice from them and my adviser. i prayed and asked God to help me. my parents and i came to the conclusion that it would be best for me to go home and just rest and see if i can get better. this was not easy for me. i am the kind of person that hates quitting things. and i know this isn't "quitting" but at the same time, i'm not finishing up this semester. it really bugs me, but i know this is what God has for me right now. He may be trying to teach me something that He can only teach me while i'm home. i don't know, but He does. so i will be going home this weekend and we will see what happens from there. something that i think God is trying to teach me is trust. the day of my biopsy i found this song called "so i will trust You" and i absolutely love it! here are the words to the chorus.

King of Glory
i know You love me
so i will trust You
yes i will trust You

God almighty
You have saved me
so i will trust You
yes i will trust in You

this song just really speaks to me and i love it!

being home will give me more time for photography, blogging, reading, and lots of other things! i am going to hopefully get a job while i'm home along with my photography. i'm just gonna keep trusting in God knowing that HE knows what's best for me!

and since blog posts are just better with a picture, here's one! just a pic i took of my red sox jersey last weekend. :) i'm pretty pumped about baseball season!!!

so there's a little update on my life. keep tuned on the blog as i will have more time on my hands to be on here. ;)

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  1. I'll keep you in my prayers, chica... remember that He is the ONLY one who you can allllllways turn to. :) I know that you've been watching Him work, and I'm excited to see what He's got in store for you! Hugs!


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